We aim to share the first-hand experience and lessons in working with an LEP population garnered by its network of medical professionals and interpreters, to build a series of educational programs facilitating learning among these underserved communities and populations to learn, share and improve health literacy and knowledge.

We are committed to providing free educational seminars for Low English Proficiency Communities in New York City.

Our signature “Improving Our Health Literacy” workshop series include:

  • Some Cultural Differences between Chinese & Western Medicine: a Medical Interpreter’s Perspective
  • Some Basics about Emergency Medical Services
  • Getting to Know Some Common Procedures
  • Get to Know Our Body” and Get to Know Some Basic Medical Terms
  • Language Access Laws and Regulations

We concluded two seminars regarding Language Access Laws and Regulations in Flushing, NY and lower Manhattan in May 2018. Special thanks to our guest speaker, Ms. Claudia Calhoon, Director of Health Policy from New York Immigration Coalition! Thanks everyone for coming! Please see the pictures at our Facebook page.

Our upcoming seminar will be held in Lower Manhattan on Monday July 22, 2019. The topic is “Getting to Know Major Imaging Tests”.

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