i-Bridge Learning is a cross-cultural social venture founded in New York City in 2011 committed to improving health literacy, promoting health awareness and stimulating cultural understanding in the public health field.

Low rates of health literacy affect more than 90 million adults in the United States – a group roughly equivalent to half of the adult U.S. population. Often compounded by the effects of Low English Proficiency (LEP) and cultural understanding barriers about health terms and concepts, as many as 25 million LEP speakers have difficulty in understanding health-related information, receiving quality health care and even maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

i-Bridge Learning aims to build a professional network of educational programs and information services to enable these underserved communities and populations to learn, share and improve health literacy and knowledge.

In a combined effort to enhance cultural understanding and prepare bilingual individuals to better serve LEP populations, we also facilitate learning programs to train prospective candidates by helping them develop the requisite knowledge and skills for effective language interpretation and communication in health care settings.

In 2020, with the increasing training need for qualified legal/court interpreters, we are also preparing a new onsite/online training program that will offer the candidates an opportunity to study the basics of the American legal system and specialized terminology with extensive consecutive interpreting exercises. We will start a new online course titled “Fundamentals of Legal and Court Interpreting” in spring 2020. Stay tuned with our website and our Facebook page!